Monat Cost

Monat Cost

July 19, 2017 0 By Valentin

What Does Monat Cost?

Welcome today I wanted to break down of what everything cost  if you bought Monat Products or if you join as a vip or a Market Partner. I will start with the cost of products if you were to bu just regular retail price, which is the most expensive, for most of the products you can expect to pay 30-50 bucks compared to if you buy a system around 100 bucks plus shipping and tax. Which it is pretty pricey but if you go to salon you might be paying the same for a product.

monat cost


Monat Vip Cost

The Vip is a very popular one and it’s cost is 20 bucks to join but you do receive the 15% discount off your order and you get free shipping if you order 84$ dollars worth of product. Also wanted to mention that if you are on a flexship meaning you order products month after month or at least 3 times a year you will receive a free product with your flexship. To tell you the truth it is  worth it if you plan to order more than once. There are other perks of being a vip like you can mix and match any product so if you wanted 3 different products you like and only pay 84$  compared to paying just for individual product.

Feel free to check out the site and see the pricing of vip products and regular

Monat Market Partners

For the last one  you can become  market partner and get a up to 40% percent discount on your first order that is if you buy the product pack, which is the best deal you can get, and after that if you want to order products you get up to a 30% percent off your products which is by far the best deal out of all 3 that I talked about. As a Mont Market Partner not only do you save money but you can also earn money if you want to sell the products and earn up to 40 percent commission, and enjoy other incentive’s like getaways or getting a Cadillac, or just some extra cash to pay the bills or for that next family vacation.


To finish my post up just wanted to say I hope that I have answered some of your question’s and if I dint feel free to comment and I ll be glad to answer any you might have. As for Monat Cost and the Products I would definitely recommend they are great products since I have been using them for 3 years now and my hair is great. As for cost it is little pricey but it is worth it, and if you are unsatisfied with product you always have 30 day money back guarantee or feel free to request free sample.

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