Monat Review

Monat Review

April 29, 2017 16 By Valentin

Monat Review

Founded back in 2014 relatively a new company that has really grown in the past couple years and it is planned to grow even bigger. Monat antiaging hair care products range from helping getting that volume or balance in your hair, and even help with hair growth. Whatever you might be struggling with Monat has products that could help you and your hair. Today I wanted to do a short Monat Review of my experience using Monat.

Monat Reviews

Personal Monat Review

Well it all started back in 2014 when I was working out in the oil rigs of North Dakota me and my wife just got married moved to Indiana, from there I found a job in North Dakota we moved there to give this new job a try. It was all great that pay was nice but downside of it was I was gone most the time working 2 weeks at a time so did not get to see my wife as much so I started looking for alternatives. I was always big on working from home but never thought it could be possible. One day when I was off I came across Monat on social media. What attracted me was the products of course but also the business opportunity. So told my wife and we ended up trying the products and giving it a go, probably the first time I ever bought such expensive products, but end of it all I do not regret it because not only my wife saw  a difference with her hair growth and volume, I also noticed my hair was more healthier than before. To make my story short we kept using the products and eventually wanted to become a part of this opportunity so we ended up becoming market partners and ever since we did that, it has really change our financial life. Later we had 2 kids and now are kids also use the product and it has helped their hair also considering one of my toddlers has bad skin, when we used to use all kinds of brands from the store he would brake out from them, when we used Monat junior line his skin cleared up, knowing that the products are natural based meaning no harmful chemicals or sulfates, makes me more confident that my family is using safer products.

Monat Hair Products

Over the recent years Monat has launched a lot of different products to help address different types of hair problems. If you have dry hair than Monat has the products to help your hair be more healthier. Does this mean Monat Hair products will give me instant results? Well everyone is different and best way is to try a sample of the product that you would like to purchase and see if you will like it or not because they are expensive products.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up I just wanted to tell you there are a lot of different Monat reviews out there is my personal review of my experience with Monat, of course I do not expect you to go buy the product but I hope you enjoyed reading this review and if you would like to purchase the products or join as a market partner I would be glad to help you save some money so feel free to drop a comment below. I did not touch up to much about the products but there will be a post later well I will explain everything you need to know.


Also you can request a sample just comment below and Ill get back with you.


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