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Monat VIP Membership

Looking to save some money on Monat Products? In this post ill explain Monat VIP membership and how you can save money on Monat hair products and even get free products every month. There are a couple of perks of having a VIP Membership  but before we get started in order to become a VIP it will cost you $19.95 and agree to purchase 3 flex ship orders, Once you sign up you will choose your first $84 worth of products for your first flexship which will ship out immediately. After your first flex ship you will have to make 2 more flex ship orders but you can push a order, if you are not ready for the products and you can push your order in 60 day increments as often as you like.

Monat VIp


Monat VIP Perks

  • %15 percent off your products.
  • Free shipping on orders $84 or more.
  • Only for you product a $25 value of exclusive limited edition product that is free with your flex ship order and the products change month to month.
  • 3 and thank you program as a Monat VIP if you refer 3 friends you will receive $84 credit to purchase more product for your self, so you can get 3 people every month and will get free products!
  • Birthday Gift , gift you will receive for free on your birthday.
  • Promotions, any promotions that are going on you will be able to take advantage of them and if you are curious which one’s are going on check out my blog or comment below and I will let you know
  • Mix and Match ordering mix different products and get a discount.
  • Exclusive hair tutorials just for being a VIP
  • Free product samples so you can share with your friends and family.


Monat Vip Membership

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you bought a product and for some reason unsatisfied or you dint like the product you have  30 days to return the products and get a refund. Now if you are a vip and you just signed up and you dint like the products and wanted to return the products and cancel your VIP membership you must do it with en the 30 days.

How to Cancel Monat VIP Membership

If you want to cancel your vip membership you will have to call customer support to cancel. Is there a fee to cancel? There is a fee to cancel if you did not complete all 3 flex ship orders, the fee is dependent on how many flex orders placed. The VIP membership is non refundable. You can also cancel after you have placed all 3 flex ship orders, or if you cancel with en the 30 days of enrollment.

Final Thought and How To Get Started

If you are looking to get started in saving money with Monat Products than the VIP membership is a great way to save money and get free products with every flex ship order. to get started click on link below and click join once you are on the site below I also left a link to my newest blog post on newest flash sale that is going on that you can get as a  VIP or a Market Partner.


2019 Monat Flash Sale